Welcome to SolidCash! SolidCash is an exciting new standard token built on the Binance Smart Chain Network. Our project is driven by a commitment to fairness, transparency, and community empowerment.

Contract Address: 0xc231FA39FB59075b99C999Ed509aafC410500aF4


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About SolidCash (SLDX)

SolidCash is a Cryptocurrency running on the Binance Smart Chain Network. The SolidCash Crypto project aims to play a role in advancing the crypto industry beyond the functionality of a standard cryptocurrency and $SLDX will provide social media marketing services to take clients social media presence to another level.

Ultimately, the project aims to remain stable in the Crypto market for a long time and become a popular Cryptocurrency in the world along with the growth of the Crypto market.

Best SolidCash Wallets for use


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Why choose our token

Mobile payment make easy
You can use a mobile device to pay with simple steps
Lifetime free transaction
You can buy token without paying any transactions fee
Protect the identity
Use a mobile device to pay with simple steps
Sercurity & control over money
We provide high levels of sercurity to all users

Our technology

We use the most popular technology to securely buy, store & trade crypto

Timestamp server
The timestamp server is top notch

Reclaiming disk space
Remove old transactions

Simplified payment verification
verify payment without running a full node

Combining and splitting value
Make a separate transaction


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Tax Buy and Tax Sell: 0%

One of the standout features of Solid Cash is the absence of any tax during buying and selling transactions. This means that when investors acquire $SLDX tokens or decide to sell them, they are not subjected to any additional fees in the form of taxes. This is a significant departure from the norm in the crypto space, where transactions often come with various fees, such as gas fees or liquidity provider fees.

ICO Token Details

Our Token sale has grown in a rapid way in recent months, and we received the support of 200000 investors in 30 different countries

Aug 8, 2021 (9:00AM GMT)
Munber of tokens for sale
1.000.000 Tokens
Feb 10, 2022 (9:00AM GMT)
Tokens exchange rate
1 ETH = 650 ICC, 1 BTC = 1940 ICC
Acceptable curencies
Minimal transection amount
10 Tokens / Transaction

Sale token

Aug 08 – Aug 31
30% Bonus
Sep 01 – Sep 15
20% Bonus
Sep 16 – Sep 30
15% Bonus
Oct 01 – Oct 15
10% Bonus
Oct 16 – Oct 31
5% Bonus


Launch of the logo
Launch of the website
Social media creation
Creation of the SLDX token
Verification of the smart contract

Launch without pre-sale
Launch on DEX PancakeSwap
Launch on first CEX
General marketing campaign
1000 members in the community
Contract renounced

Influencers marketing push
Listing on CoinGecko
Listing on voting platform
Multi listings on all tracking sites
500 Holders

Contract audit – ContractWolf
Dextools update
Billboard Campaign
Buy contest
Global marketing



Gecko Terminal




Frequently Asked Questions

What are the use cases of SolidCash?

– We accept SolidCash payments for all our services.
– The revenue generated from our business endeavors will go to buying back $SLDX token in order to increases demand and liquidity.

How to buy SolidCash?

SolidCash is listed on PancakeSwap. You can buy SolidCash from those exchanges.

– PancakeSwap
– NonKyc

Does SolidCash have an Audit?
Yes, Our contract comes with a free audit from ContractWolf. We will do an exclusive audit in near future.
Why should you buy $SLDX?

It has quickly gained popularity due to its unique features, including zero taxes and 6 months locked liquidity. With zero taxes, users can transact without worrying about additional fees or charges, making it a cost-effective option for investors and enthusiasts. The token’s locked liquidity mechanism ensures stability and security for a long time.


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